Jolly Red Suit
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Get to know santa jim

Santa Jim believes that Santa Claus is more than just a character during the Christmas season. Santa Claus is the spirit of love, joy and hope for children across the world, teaching them to trust in something they can't see or touch.

Santa Jim of Jolly Red Suit is a traditional Santa who follows the legend of St. Nicholas, in the footsteps and teachings of the Original Macy's Santa, C.W. Howard. In 2015 Santa Jim was professionally trained and graduated from the prestigious Charles W. Howard Santa School in Midland, Michigan.

In addition to his professional training, Santa Jim is a member of the Lone Star Santa Charities who have been spreading love, joy and hope to the North Texas community since 2007.

Santa Jim is able to communicate with basic sign language for the hearing impaired, is fully insured and can provide a background check when applicable.

We look forward to bringing Christmas cheer to your events, year round.

- Santa Jim and Jolly Red Suit